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What happens when you tap-in?

The Tahpin engagement loyalty program is a community-focused initiative to bring small businesses and consumers together so that we all grow and develop as a community by focusing on these three primary pillars of building retention, resilience, and engagement. 

What do we understand?

We the small business make up over 96% of the market, but when it comes to marketing efforts, we the small business sometimes struggle

We understand that client retention is paramount

We know that a loyalty program that works can boost sales by up to 35% or more

We understand that most retention programs do not work at scale due to our small size


How does our solution benefit you?


Simple and effortless setup

Works with any size business 

Improves consumer retention  

Drive traffic and awareness to your business with little marketing efforts.

Help you understand your consumer better with greater insights

Helps you be more connected to your community which helps grow your business 


How does it work?



The Tahpin way: 


The Tahpin platform provides users with an opportunity to improve their financial lifestyle through a gaming environment. As a retailer, there are three ways in which you can support potential clients who use our platform. Firstly, by joining our loyalty program and letting users collect and redeem points at your location. Secondly, by actively participating in live gaming events. Lastly, by offering special promotional offers through our platform that can be won by users based on their financial learning progress, game play, skills, luck, and other factors.

The Points System:

  • Points are based on a 10:1 ratio at the base level. For each $1 spent 10 points is earned
  • There are three earning tiers for user
    • Base
    • Intermediate   
    • Advance 

Redeeming System:

  • Each retailer sets the rules
    • The base amount that can be redeemed is 1,000 points which equals $1 
    • Frequency of usage ... 
  • Adjustments of the points redemption and collection are made directly and effortlessly through linked accounts